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Upcoming Expeditions

Join us on an upcoming expedition guided by experienced world travelers and security experts. 

Tanzania & Zanzibar Expedition

January 31 - February 23, 2023

Experience global excursions with added security options for greater peace of mind.

Every experience of your life is important, so your vacation should expand and shape you. We offer a variety of travel options to fit your needs. We’ll be with you each step of the way, making global travel a stress-free experience. 


Unleash the spirit of adventure with our safari tours.

10-day Tanzania Safari and
Cultural Experience

Starting at $3009

7 Day Safari and
Cultural Experience

Starting at $2080

South American Tours

Explore some of our most popular destinations.

Medellín, Colombia

Our amiable native tour guide is poised to ensure that your journey is imbued with a memorable and enriching experience.

Cartagena & Santa Marta

Explore the well-preserved colonial architecture within the historic walled city of Cartagena and more

Medical Tourism

Colombia offers exceptional healthcare and tourism, attracting global visitors seeking quality treatment in a beautiful setting.


Explore some of our most popular destinations.

Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania's climate, scenery and friendly natives are an experience you will want to visit again and again.

Zanzibar, Africa

An experience powerhouse with beautiful coastlines, delicious food and local experiences of a lifetime!


One Happy Island with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.

What Makes Us Different

Our tours are guided by a retired US Special Forces Veteran and vetted associates. We offer security options that make your travel secure and private. Your excursion is planned with a holistic approach. We take every step to meet your goals, needs, and wants.


Elevate your reality with a transformative experience.


Experience the precious and sacred wilds of Africa.


Clear your mind and experience scenery that touches the depths of your soul.


Immerse yourself in another culture by visiting indigenous people, eating locally, and experiencing life in East Africa.


Here is an example of the steps to planning your trip:

-Fill out our contact form 
-We will schedule a Zoom meeting with you for an initial consultation
-We will form a rough draft trip itinerary
-We will meet in person or on a Zoom call to fine tune your trip
-A deposit will be required at this point
-Your trip will be solidified
-Trip executed

Your trip is tailored to you, we can give estimates after our initial consult, but a final price cannot be determined until the trip is fine tuned.

The security options are based on criteria provided from the client. Our team can execute a large spectrum overt and low visibility security options.

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